Casual Locations for Sarging and Meeting Women

Below is a brief rundown of some casual locations for meeting women and developing your pickup game. These are fairly common and accessible places that most guys will have access to. Some may mesh with your style, and some may not. Try as many as you can and see what works for you. And remember, stay relaxed and be social when you’re out sarging. Rather than making it your goal to close on women, make it your goal to have fun, socialize, and be confident — numbers (or more) will likely result.

Read More has been around for about a decade, and has drawn in a large pool of members during that time. The site is easy to navigate and offers straightforward matching for Christian singles. It also integrates Bible study in with the matching system, giving Christians a place to practice their faith as well as find someone who shares it.

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Typical Relationship Horror Story

Here’s a warning to all of my readers:

You may sleep with a girl’s body, but when it comes to a long-term relationship, you marry her character!

You think you have trouble tolerating her attitude and character now…but you’re resisting breaking up because you do not want to stop having sex with that hot body?

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3 Mistakes Guys Make in Bars and Clubs

Are you frustrated with the bar and club scene?

If so, then this letter will be VERY useful to you…

I can remember in my younger days spending night after night in bars and clubs, approaching so many women I’d lose count in a single night.

It’s all kind of a blur to me now.

But looking back, I realize I made a TON of mistakes.

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Contextualizing the Mauser M18

I recently did a story for work where I used “specs” to compare two pistols. The difference between specs and real world use is that the former are only what gets printed, while the latter includes how well-suited something is to an application. Specs are useful in highlighting differences, but not in making decisions. This review will be closer to the latter than the former because this pistol was never designed to be compared with another pistol – at least not directly …

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Free Dating Online is a great free dating online site that allows you to join even if you don’t have a credit card.

The responders to our survey said that was easy to learn and navigate and allows you to chat with a prospective date in realtime. Initial surfing is free of course, but we found that this fun free dating online site was both very popular, AND easy to use. They are working hard to expand into cutting edge technologies, like audio and video messaging and currently boast private and public photo galleries that you pick and choose who sees what. is simply a hottie!!!!

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Best Rated Dating Services

Use to be, in olden times, if a prospective gal or guy wanted to sign up for one of the dating services, they would have to get into their car and drive to a strip center, and sign up to be a member. They would videotape you talking and let you watch other member’s videos. That was the way it was back then, before the advent of internet dating.

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