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Use to be, in olden times, if a prospective gal or guy wanted to sign up for one of the dating services, they would have to get into their car and drive to a strip center, and sign up to be a member. They would videotape you talking and let you watch other member’s videos. That was the way it was back then, before the advent of internet dating.

Nowadays, dating online is as commonplace as ordering take-out Chinese food. But, the surge in the popularity of these kinds of dating services has also brought with them, a whole new set of issues. One of those issues is the pain of sifting through the junky dating services to find the true gems that yield the best results.

I don’t have to tell you that you can spend a whole lot of money and wind up with nothing but frustration if you fool around with wrong dating services website. Also, if you align yourself (via your online handle, or name) with a silly, unpopular site, that hurts your online reputation also.  So get in the know and choose one, or all of these sites to get your face out there in front of others.

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Category #1 To Be Free, or Not To Be Free? That is the Question!

My first question was, when I was starting out in the big sea of free online dating, was IS THIS REALLY FREE? What’s the catch?Well, I am happy to report that there is no catch. Oh, sure you have to pay eventually if you want to move forward, but hey, that’s only fair! There is a overall friendly, give first, outlook on these sites, and I want you to realize that if you are just starting out, or if you really need a new jumpstart, these SPECIFIC free online dating sites are a great place to go. Remember, you can’t hit a home run, if you don’t step up to the plate! So, grab that bat and take your best shot! What do you have to lose? We have done all of the pre-screening for you!

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Category #2 Premium Online Dating Services List

Now some would say, that you get what you pay for! These sites WOW you with  special features like scientific love matching,  unique ways to maintain your dating files, and tons of technology to help you connect to your love match with style! Yes, you have to pay, but the purveyors of these sites are betting that you won’t take advantage of their money back guarantee! Dive in! You never know till you try! You can try Adultfrienedfinder App.

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#3 Specialized Online Dating Services List

Now this list is for specialized online dating. These sites cater to the unique ethic, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people.  Why not? Our survey indicated that this collection of sites did the best job at delivering exactly what the online dating community wanted. If you have very specific ideas as to what you are looking for in the way of  special dating services, CHECK OUT THESE SITES!

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