Online Dating

People search the Internet 5.8 MILLION times a month for an online dating service.

Yet, only a handful of these online dating services are considered the best of the best.

A poll conducted by USA Today indicated the five most important attributes of a good dating services.

  • Online Anonymity: Uses a double-blind system to protect identities.
  • People Before Profits: Bans members who exhibit harmful behavior.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Does not hassle people who want a refund.
  • Long History: Been around a long-time, proven record of results.
  • Promotes Social Consciousness: Prevention of AIDS, Dating Safety, and Etiquette.

With the staggering number of choices on the Internet most people wind up using trial and error, and eventually just give up when it doesn’t work out.

This is the reason we have compiled a list, and a brief description of the Best Rated Online Dating Services that deliver an overall safe and good online dating experience. Please review the Online Dating Safety Tips below.


  • Make a conscious decision to trust your instincts when dating on adultfrienedfinder. Online dating requires a little more patience because you are getting to know a total stranger and have to separate fact from fiction.
  • No matter how tempting, NEVER reveal your last name, e-mail address, home address, phone number, place of work, etc. in your free profile, or initial messages.
  • No matter how persistent the person is, stop answering e-mails to anyone that pressures, or tries to manipulate you in divulging your personal data before YOU are ready to do so. The online dating arena is generally a wonderful place to meet new people, but sometimes, just like the real world, it can be a nightmare.
  • Trust the fact, that any suitor worthy of you must be willing to earn your trust slowly, by being consistently polite and honorable.
  • Request a photo. Become suspicious of anyone that hedges around about supplying a photo. If you eventually decide to go on a live date with this person, print a picture of the person and keep a record of it in a folder with the date of your meeting. If anything should happen at least the police will have a picture to go on. Also, on the plus side, it would make a nice addition to your scrap book later if your online dating turns into a wonderful relationship.(Actual date rape case file tip.)
  • If you meet for a date, choose a public place away from your neighborhood, where no one knows you. Also, dine in the main dining room, not in an out of way booth, or a secluded, out of the way area of the restaurant. It may seem initially romantic, or flattering, that the person may wants to be totally alone with you, but this idea could turn to terror if you are threatened and no one is close by to help you escape or stop the assault. After dining, if you go for a walk, stroll around happily in highly public places, with lots of people. Get back into your own car, or take a taxi home. Do not let the person, however charming; take you home in his own car, especially if it is an expensive car or limousine. (Actual date rape file tips.)
  • Have at least one live conversation with the person before agreeing to go on a date with them. Why? A person’s voice can reveal a great deal about their general attitude, if they are patient, or one of those enraged people, or kind, or if the person is innately pushy or rude. After the call, sit quietly and think about how you feel after talking to them. Bad feelings? Move on! Use a store bought calling card to keep your personal number private, or call from a phone away from home, or your cell phone IF you are sure your number is blocked. Call your cell phone company first. (One woman was attacked after the cell phone co. gave her personal info to the attacker when he provided her cell number to them and the records came right up.)
  • Be especially careful when you meet someone out of town. Check in with your friends and family as soon as you arrive, and remind them to NOT disclose where you are staying; no matter what the excuse they are given to reveal your hotel room number.(This tips derived from actual case file.)
  • If bells and whistles go off during the date, such as the person coming across a dramatically different in person than on the net, politely excuse yourself and go to the rest room and call a taxi. Always be polite with your date and gently tell them why you must leave, after seeing the taxi show up.
  • Make a decision to personally deliver a small bouquet of flowers to your date’s place of employment prior to going on the actual date. This is a kind gesture, and it will most certainly break the ice and reduce the nervousness generally associated with online dating. Also, if you show up and no one has ever heard of them? What does that you tell you?

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