Online Dating

People search the Internet 5.8 MILLION times a month for an online dating service.

Yet, only a handful of these online dating services are considered the best of the best.

A poll conducted by USA Today indicated the five most important attributes of a good dating services.

  • Online Anonymity: Uses a double-blind system to protect identities.
  • People Before Profits: Bans members who exhibit harmful behavior.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Does not hassle people who want a refund.
  • Long History: Been around a long-time, proven record of results.
  • Promotes Social Consciousness: Prevention of AIDS, Dating Safety, and Etiquette.

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Best Romance Movies

Here’s list of the best romance movies, as chosen by our ASKMichaela e-mailers. So pop some popcorn and kick back! Relax and spend a little time together! Slow down and cuddle up a bit!

Put HER In the Mood Movies

First Knight with Richard Gere as the handsome, chivalrous Lancelot, and Julie Ormond as the beautiful Genevieve. Sean Connery plays a kind King Arthur. This is one of the most well done King Arthur movies ever made. A beautiful first kiss scene in an English forest.

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Romantic getaways are a positive way to move a romantic relationship to the next level!

But how do you prevent them from turning into disasters…that doom your romance relationship before it gets a chance to really get off of the ground?

By putting in a little forethought into the trip!

It makes no difference if your getaway is for two days or a week…here’s a few tips to really help make it a roaring success.

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Sensual Candles: A little History of Candles

The use of candles dates back over 3000 years. Early monks were said to be the first to create candles and used them in church services and as a means of revenue for early monasteries. Until the advent of electricity, candles were a very important part of daily life.

Different native materials have been used around  the world to create candles: olive oil, flax threads dipped in pitch, coconut oil, palm oil and beeswax were all used before the advent of electricity.

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