Sexual Stimulation And Arousal

The foreskin is one part of the penis that has been the subject of much debate and scrutiny for centuries. Once removed primarily for religious reasons, this particular skin is often cut off in a ceremony known as circumcision. This was largely done because it was perceived that keeping the foreskin made it impossible to maintain penile health.

One can see why someone may have thought this, especially since this fold of skin covers the head of the penis. In time however, medical science has been able to prove that this is not the case. There is absolutely no reason to believe that a man with an intact penile hood will be more prone to disease than a circumsized male.

Now, when taking a closer look at the amazing foreskin, we see that it has an inner and outer layer.

The outer layer contains nerve endings and sensory receptors called Meissner corpuscles that can increase pleasure during sexual intercourse. Touching and stroking this area, or gliding it over the hardened glans or head of the shaft, can create sensations that cause an erection to occur. With continued caressing, a man may even climax, creating an ejaculatory projection. This is good information when using adult online dating sites as adultfriendrfinder. This “gliding mechanism” can occur with intercourse or masturbation and is one of the main sources of pleasure for a male. When a man manipulates his foreskin in this manner, he can begin to train himself on how to prolong the sensations, which aids him in controlling premature ejaculation. It is also thought that this gliding mechanism is nature’s intended mechanism for sex and can aid a woman in the process of lubrication during the act so they can both use best thrusting vibrator.

The ridged bands of the penis, which looks like horseshoes that curve towards the base of the penile shaft alongside the frenulum ( the fleshy ligament that attaches the foreskin to the shaft), are another part of the male genital organ that can create intense sensations and arousal. This is primarily due to the fact that these ridges have what is known as Meissner’s corpuscles. Because these corpuscles respond to pressure, the more a man strokes it, or the tighter the grip on it, the more intense the feelings. This is why a woman who has strong vaginal muscles can excite a male more than one with lax muscles. Oral sex can also evoke strong responses due to this same pressure.

The glans or penile head is located at the end of the organs shaft. This is the part where a greater concentration of nerve endings exist–even so, a careful manipulation of all the components of the sexual organ is what gives a man the most pleasure and excitement. Indeed, it is during the latter stages of coitus that a man may experience intense sexual plateaus, and this is due to the glans. These sensations are far more prominent in men who have been circumcised, as the head of the penis is more engaged at this phase.

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